Parkdale Neighbourhood

To know Parkdale is to love it. It is easily one of our favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto. It has character defined by some of the most beautiful Victorian architecture in the city. It is a community with a strong identity and is one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in this city. I lived in Parkdale for ten years, and Kim has made it her favourite stomping ground for much longer than that. We live and breathe Parkdale.

The Location

Parkdale is a small but densely populated neighbourhood. Dufferin borders it on the east, with Springhurst to the south and Lansdowne to the west. The community then extends along the south of Queen, West to Roncesvalles. The northern border follows the train tracks that pass over Dufferin and cut through the neighbourhood on the diagonal.

Our Favourite Pockets

The majority of homes in Parkdale were built in the Victorian era. This area was a wealthy neighbourhood when the houses were built, and many of the original victorian mansions still stand. Our favourite streets to see these beautiful houses are Beaty, Wilson Park and Cowan.

The Real Estate

Although Parkdale is sandwiched right beside Roncesvalles, and Roncevalles has been creeping into Parkdale territory for several years, the real estate between the two neighbourhoods is very different. Houses cost less in Parkdale than they do in Roncesvalles. However, that is slowly changing. A beautifully renovated home in Parkdale may sell for a similar price to a similar home in Roncey, but, on the whole, there is a larger spread between the two neighbourhoods. Many houses that come out in Parkdale are multi-dwelling units with tenants.

The Schools

The Lifestyle

Parkdale is a dynamic and exciting neighbourhood and the lifestyle changes from street to street. Overall, there is a strong community in Parkdale. Every June, the Cowan ave shuts down south of King for their annual “cowanation” street-wide yard sale. This has become a highly anticipated neighbourhood event that is more than a yard sale. The neighbourhood is also full of indie bars, restaurants and cafes.

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What To Know When Buying Parkdale Real Estate

Buying Parkdale Real estate is similar to buying real estate anywhere else in the city. It is more likely you’ll tour these beautiful Victorian houses. Look for the signature stained glass transom windows that you see in most old Parkdale homes. You’ll also find larger homes than in other parts of the city. As always, when looking at older houses, remember that you might have to deal with knob and tube wiring, cast iron waste stacks, clay drains and poor insulation. With these common old-house issues, you also get very well-built solid homes with intact charm and craftsmanship that exceeds our modern expectations.

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Working With A Parkdale Real Estate Agent

Any time you buy real estate in Toronto, you want an agent who knows the area well. This is especially important for Parkdale. You’ll want not only a tour of the available houses but also of the neighbourhood. Houses cost slightly less than in other areas in the city, but that varies from street to street. Find an expert and go from there. Learn how to choose the right agent here.

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Robyn VanderVennen