I’ve built my approach to real estate on a very simple idea – things are always better when people are happy. Because while it’s easy to see the pleasure of happiness, I also believe in its long term benefits. By making your happiness my business, I’m that much more likely to hear from you again. When you have a friend who needs help buying or selling a house. When you decide to make another change for yourself. Or just because we’ve discovered that we like each other.



Real estate is basically about quality of life. People look for houses that will make them feel good. That will suit their lives. That they can feel at home in. My job is to understand what it is that will make you most happy, and to present you with options and opportunities with the potential to create that happiness.

Happiness comes with the confidence that you’ve found the best house available to you.

From the knowledge that you have been listened to and understood. From the experience of being presented with options that meet your wish list in different ways. And from never feeling pressured to make an offer on a home that you don’t feel right about.

I would sooner take the time with you, to make sure everything is right, than to leave you with the slightest doubt or discomfort. Because by my way of thinking, your happiness is the whole point.

I’ve been helping clients buy and selling in Toronto’s West end since 1998!

Time really flies when you’ve spent it doing something you love.


My Story Starts Here.

For me, it’s all about effective results and lasting relationships. My story begins right here, in West Toronto, helping clients for the past 25 years.

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