My Story

It’s been 25 years, my goodness! It’s a little startling to realize that you’ve hit the quarter century mark doing anything, but time really flies when you’ve spent it doing something you love. After asking myself “where did the time go?”

I put together the illustration below, scroll down to see some of my favourite highlights!


In The Beginning

I started working as an administrator in a Kingsway area real estate office. That’s where I learned the importance of dotting the “I”s and crossing the “T”s in every part of every transaction. Because in real estate, the details matter. A lot.


A Quick Time-Out

I took some time from work to start a family.


Auspicious Return

I came back to work as an assistant with a group of 10 agents who were in the top 1% performers in Canada. I learned the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of the business with them.


The Focus Group

I chose to work exclusively with 1 top agent whose approach lined up with my beliefs. We did very well together.


Refining My Skills

I decided to go it on my own as a sales representative. I had the benefit of considerable mentorship and experience, a detailed knowledge of the business and a good feeling about the relationships that I could develop in my area.


Look At Me Now

In keeping with my habit of matching my partnerships with my outlook, I decided to align my business with Bosley Real Estate. That’s where you find me today –helping people like you to find the homes of their dreams, or sell their houses for top dollar.