When I’m Selling A Home…

There are steps that I always take to give clients the best sense of their home, its value, and what they can do to influence (and improve) that final number.

Selling a home is driven by one big question: how much will we get? The answer depends on market condition, the area, size, style, and more.



We’ll Work Together To Address Everything

That includes providing you with an overview of recent sales, market activity, and prices of sold homes in comparison to your own. To me, it’s important never to speculate – instead, we reach a number far more in touch with market realities.

“We loved working with Kim. She was totally professional, thoughtful, and made us feel confident as we embarked on selling. She has a great team that takes care of all the little details, so nothing gets missed. We felt there was a lot of added value with all the marketing extras she offers to her clients.  I would, and do, highly recommend working with Kim Kehoe!”

– Johanna & Zach

What Every Seller Should Know

Feeling like there are still questions you have about selling your home? It’s a life-changing decision, so you should feel confident that you have all the information you need, before you ever get started.

Here are some of the most common questions people ask me about how to sell their home, so you can learn more before reaching out:

Our agreed-upon commission is usually a percentage of the purchase price of your home. A portion automatically goes to the buyer’s agent/co-operating brokerage for their involvement in the transaction. The remaining portion pays for my services. Each agent splits the fees with their brokerage according to their individual contract.

They are never required, but it is a good opportunity to get more people to see your home. Often, interested buyers will come to the open house for additional viewings. It is a great way to generate some extra interest—especially from people just walking by.

You can either set a specific date and time where you will look at offers, or you can choose to look at offers any time a buyer wishes to present one. There are pros and cons with both strategies. This would be something we would talk about during our listing consultation.

A bully offer is an offer presented before the set offer date as the buyers are “bullying” you to look at their offer because they don’t give the selling agent/sellers a lot of time to respond. The price is usually well above the listing price to give the seller incentive to take it. You do not have to accept or look at a bully offer! Legally, I must inform you if one comes in, but it is up to you if you wish to look at it.

I usually recommend 1-2 weeks. Once you decide to sell your home and we have completed the paperwork, you might want to de-clutter, paint, and prepare your house for sale. After any work you want to do, I co-ordinate my contacts to come in to take photos, film video, prepare floor plans. This should be done just before the house is set to come out so we can guarantee that everything is set to make a great first impression once it is listed.

I always recommend that my clients attend offer presentations with me because timing is everything. After we have signed all the paperwork, I will present the offer to the listing agent and their clients. If any changes are requested we can easily resign the paperwork and hand it in. Once everyone has agreed to the details, the offer is accepted.

No. It is best to leave during the showing time to give the buyer and their agent privacy. This will allow the buyer to talk candidly about the house with their agent. Our office will notify you when any showing is booked. You do not have to worry about someone showing up without your consent.

When you ask how to sell your house, and you’re looking for a real estate agent, the main thing to know is that you should make sure you like the person. I want my clients to feel comfortable with me because selling a home is a huge financial (and personal!) decision. You could also ask your family and friends. Over 90% of my business is referral based, and I like to think it is because I provide my clients with a great experience that they want to share with others. If you are not sure who you want to work with and want to get a better feel of the person, set up an interview. These are very common and they will give you a change to ask questions and see if you like the potential candidates.

Yes! Experienced agents will have detailed knowledge about the current housing market, your neighbourhood, and the listing process. They will work to get you the best price for your home and will have the research to back up their stats. Listing a home is a huge decision that can be complicated and stressful. An agent will help you navigate all the legal work while (hopefully!) alleviating some of the stress. Legally it is also helpful to work with an agent because they will make sure you are abiding by all the necessary legal procedures.

The deposit goes towards the purchase price of your home.

If your deal falls apart because a condition could not be met, a waiver is signed by both parties. This is an agreement that the offer will not close and the deposit will be returned to the buyers without penalty.

You will want to contact your lawyer who will need all the necessary paperwork (we take care of this). About one month before your closing date, make sure you contact gas, oil, hydro, water, cable and any other utility company to cancel or transfer their services.

Buyers pay land transfer tax, and municipal land transfer tax (in Toronto only). If you are selling your home and purchasing another home you will have to pay these fees on your purchase. If you are selling your home without a purchase, you will not have to pay these fees.

Selling On Your Mind?

It’s a life-changing decision, and you shouldn’t make it without all of the information first. Let me help you – learn more about selling your home, and book your no-obligation, one-on-one consultation with me today.

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