Kim has been working in Roncesvalles since the beginning of her career in real estate about thirty years ago. Sam and I have been working in the neighbourhood for almost ten years. We’ve seen nearly every house that has been listed for sale in recent history.

Here’s our take on one of our favourite neighbourhoods.

The Location

Roncesvalles is a small neighbourhood that runs from Bloor and Roncesvalles south to Queen street, East from Roncey to Macdonell. Although it isn’t right downtown, it has several transit options that make downtown easily accessible. It is also very close to High Park, which is a few blocks to the west of Roncesvalles (the street)

Our Favourite Pockets

The best street in the neighbourhood is Roncesvalles itself. It’s chock-a-block full of independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. If you live near Roncey (as the locals call it), you seldom need to venture outside the neighbourhood because everything you need is right there. Another favourite street is Marion Street, which has some of the most beautiful old Victorian homes in the area.

Roncesvalles Real Estate

Roncesvalles is known for its beautiful homes. Just take a stroll down any number of streets and see what we mean. There is a mixture of Victorian, Edwardian and Modern homes. The real estate market in Roncesvalles has taken off in the last five years, with prices rising steeply every year. There is a boom in home renovations as new families move to the neighbourhood and re-do the older homes.

Roncesvalles has become an in-demand neighbourhood for a number of reasons. A variety of transit options, easy access to the Gardiner, and walking distance to many large parks are among the top reasons buyers choose to move there. But, the main reason buyers are attracted to this location is the stunning beauty of the older houses there.

There are several different types of houses available for sale in Roncesvalles at any given time. Smaller, three-bedroom, 2 storey semi-detached homes are common, but there are also large and grand three-storey semi-detached and detached properties. Most of the old homes are Victorian or Edwardian-style homes that were built from 1900 to 1940. It is a treat to see the old stained glass windows, high ceilings and plaster crown moulding still intact in some of these houses. As well, a number of the homes were made into multi-unit houses in the 1980s, and those remain popular rental units for tenants.

As with most of this city, there is a boom in home renovations in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood. New families have been buying up old never-been-touched homes and completely redoing them. The pandemic has also left some homeowners feeling like a change of scenery could be good. As new families move to the neighbourhood and re-do the older homes, the house prices continue to rise. Regardless of whatever the current market condition is, Roncesvalles will always be one of the more desirable neighbourhoods in Toronto, right alongside the Annex, Trinity Bellwoods, and Riverdale. If you are looking for a quieter neighbourhood with beautiful homes, lush gardens and great amenities, this is the neighbourhood for you.

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The Schools

One factor that makes Roncesvalles a desirable location for families is the excellent elementary schools. There are three elementary schools that Roncesvalles kids may attend.

Always remember that even if you move to the neighbourhood, you’re not guaranteed a spot in one of these schools. Always check the catchment for the address you are considering and call the school to confirm they are not at capacity and have space for your child.

The Lifestyle

If strollers and dogs are your things, this is the lifestyle for you. The culture in Roncesvalles is young families and their children. This means there are great playdates, packed parks on Sorauren, cafes and restaurants that cater to the kids and dogs. There aren’t many going-out options for you after 10 pm, but if you need to get a latte and a grape juice at 6 am, this is your spot. Not yet sold on it? Here are 5 reasons we love the Roncesvalles neighbourhood!

What To Know When Buying Roncesvalles Real Estate

If you’re a buyer in Roncesvalles real estate, be prepared for bidding wars. This area is in high demand, and there are more buyers than sellers. This is true regardless of the market conditions at any given moment in Toronto. The Roncesvalles real estate market for single-family homes is consistently fierce. You’ll want to work with a real estate agent who knows the area and can advise you on value. House values in Roncesvalles change from street to street. For example, a house on Grafton Ave will sell for less than a similar house on Marion, but, a house on Marion will sell for less than a similar house on Fermanagh. Roncesvalles is a neighbourhood of smaller pockets. It pays to work with someone who knows the ins and outs of these streets.

As a buyer, you should also be on the lookout for typical old-house problems that may need to be remediated quickly. With the character and charm of the old houses, comes some maintenance. Look for knob and tube wiring, cast iron waste stacks, plaster walls, lead water pipes, and clay drains to name a few.

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What To Know When Selling Roncesvalles Real Estate

It’s your party! You won’t have trouble selling your home in Roncesvalles, assuming you prepare and price it right. You should plan on moving out of your home while it is on the market because your house will be packed full of hopeful buyers.Although the market favours you, you still need to be meticulous in the marketing of your property. Your potential buyers are discerning. Make sure you paint and stage your house. It also really pays to have a home inspection prepared in advance of listing your house. Buyers know that these are older houses and they are wary of future issues. The more transparent you are upfront with this information, the more comfortable your buyers will be making an offer.

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Working With A Roncesvalles Real Estate Agent

Roncesvalles real estate moves very quickly, so you need a proactive agent who will work quickly for you. Choose an agent who knows the area well.

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As always, stay safe
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