We work in, and love, a lot of different Toronto neighbourhoods. Toronto is a city made up of small neighbourhoods, each with its own character and identity. With that said, there is something especially magical about Roncesvalles. Here are our top five reasons why we love the Roncesvalles neighbourhood.

  • Fresh produce: This is a weird one but trust us. There are so many fresh, organic produce stands within a few blocks. Often the quality is better than large grocery stores. You could easily set out on foot and do a week’s worth of grocery shopping just by hopping into the produce stands.

  • Proximity to nature: One of the best features of the Roncesvalles neighbourhood is its proximity to both high park and to the Lake Ontario beaches and walking trails. You could walk for hours in nature despite being in the middle of the city.

  • Transit: Getting to-and-fro is really easy in Roncesvalles. You are close to two separate streetcar lines, a subway station, and the new UP Express (which takes you either to Union Station or the airport in under twenty minutes). If you prefer to drive, you have very easy access to the Gardiner expressway.

    1. Independent shops: I buried the lead here, as this is one of the best parts of this neighbourhood. There are so many great independently-run stores on Roncesvalles. Some of our favourites include: Another Story Bookshop, Frock, Early bird and worm, and Scooter Girl Toys. If eating is your thing, Alimentary, Cookery Toronto, Ed’s Real Scoop, the Chocolateria and Benna’s Bakery are all amazing.

  •  Architectural style: The houses in Roncesvalles are mix of Edwardian and Victorian architecture. These houses typically feature high ceilings, plaster and wood mouldings and huge amounts of vintage character. Interspersed are newer builds that residents have started building which adds to the lovely blend in the streetscape.

There are five reasons why we love Roncesvalles. However, there are many, many more reasons to love this great family-friendly community. Take a stroll down roncey on a sunny day to see exactly what we mean. In the meantime, stay outside and stay safe.

Robyn VanderVennen
The Kim Kehoe Team

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