Located slightly south and east of the Junction neighbourhood, the Junction Triangle is a little community nestled between three rail lines. Once primarily a working class neighbourhood, the Junction Triangle has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Families are moving in attracted by the slightly lower housing prices and the fantastic public school, Perth Avenue Public School (ranked 8/10 on the fraser institute ranking system for 2014).The neighbourhood is very close to both Dundas West subway station and Lansdowne subway station. It is also the home of a Go station and the new UP express line to Pearson airport.

Most houses in this area are two-storey semi-detached dwellings. Houses with parking are often difficult to come by, but street parking is plentiful. The average house price in the second quarter of 2016 was $778,000.  There are also two converted loft buildings and several townhouse developments. In this way, unlike many other Toronto neighbourhoods, the Junction Triangle succeeds in offering a variety of housing options within its small boundaries.

Our totally biased, unofficial  favourites list

Best Bar:  Not quite a bar, but Halo Breweries is a microbrewery in the Junction Triangle that serves up great small-batch beer. Our favourite is Event Horizon, which is described as “Foreign extra stout with sarsaprilla” and tastes like a creamy stout with a hint of root beer.

Best Restaurant: Farmhouse Tavern. Serves up farm-to-table Canadian food. Delicious with a rustic flair. If it’s cold in the winter they offer you blankets with your roasted root veg and pork belly. Need we say more?

Best Cafe: Cafe Neon. Delicious brunch and lunch fare to go or stay in.
Best Park: There are so many parks to choose from but Campbell Ave Playground gets our vote because it has three sports fields, a basketball court, a playground and a wading pool. In the winder it also has an outdoor skating rink.

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