Top Five Reasons to Live in Toronto’s High Park Neighbourhood

Roncesvalles gets all the love! And we get it, what’s not to love? But High Park is like Roncesvalles’ cool older cousin. High Park is the neighbourhood to the west of Roncesvalles, and it runs to Parkside drive. High Park is a stunningly beautiful neighbourhood that often gets lumped in with Roncesvalles because Roncey and High Park share the main street of Roncesvalles. Part of the reason why High Park doesn’t get a lot of love in the real estate world is that there is very low turnover. The houses are large and, therefore, they tend to be “forever homes.” Here are five reasons to love High Park in Toronto:

  1. The houses: The houses are grand and beautiful. They tend to be over 3000 square feet and constructed in the Edwardian era, with lots of beautiful woodwork and stain glass windows.

  2. The Neighbours: High Park is a place where you move to, and then you decide to never move out. Unlike many other Toronto neighbourhoods with smaller houses, most people who are fortunate enough to live in High Park stay there for the rest of their lives. You will meet the most lovely people with deep roots in this area.

  3. The Park: High Park neighbourhood is named after the park itself. If you live in High Park, you are within walking distance to one of Toronto’s largest parks, with several separate areas for you to explore. There is a zoo, wooded areas, a large pond for fishing in the summer and skating in the winter, tennis courts, outdoor pool, playground area, running trails and community gardens. It is an outdoor haven and a massive asset to this city.

  4. Roncesvalles: As we’ve said before, Roncesvalles (the street) is one of Toronto’s best pedestrian streets. It has wide sidewalks, a dedicated bike lane and a vast number of independent stores.

  5. Transit: Often, when you are in High Park, you feel like you live in a very lush community outside of the city. It is full of green space and beautiful gardens. However, it is a very close distance to two subway stations and several streetcar lines that will take you downtown in minutes.

Let us know if you have any questions! And, as always, stay safe.

Robyn VanderVennen
The Kim Kehoe Team

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