The Junction, so named for the three rail lines that pass through its borders, has historically been a neighbourhood of transience. Before the rail lines were built, the junction was the meeting place of two prominent first nation’s trails. Much later on, the area became the home of industrial cattle yards (now the location of the stockyards shopping area) and as such became a largely working class labourers neighbourhood. Today, the junction is no longer industrial or transient. Like any neighbourhoods in Toronto’s west end, it has been enjoying a resurgence of interest in the past decade. The southern border of the Junction blends with the northern border of High Park North and therefore shares some stately and large detached homes. For the most part, though, the Junction is made up of semi-detached homes built in the early 20th century. The Junction is a hub for hip new families, artists, new restaurants and boutiques.

Housing in this neighbourhood is more affordable than other neighbourhoods in the West end. The average price for a detached home last month was $1,048,000. The average price for a semi-detached house last month was $700,500.

Our totally biased, non-scientific favourites list for the Junction

Favourite Restaurant: Playa Cabana

Great fresh-tasting mexican food. But, let’s be real, you go there for the margarita menu.

Favourite Cafe: Cool Hand of a Girl

Chosen as a favourite not just because of it’s amazing name. The food and coffee are also good.

Community Activity: The Junction farmer’s market

 If you’re from anywhere in Toronto’s west end you’ll bump into someone you know. If you’re not from here, you’ll love soaking up all the community feels. Also, the peameal bacon sandwiches.


Best Store: The Beau and Bauble 

Producers of fashion for those drawn to whimsy, The Beau and Bauble carries unique pieces and curiosities.

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