The tagline on our marketing is “Effective Results. Lasting Relationships.” Effective results are easy to demonstrate and prove. But what does “lasting relationships” mean in this context? It means more than friendship, although we love becoming friends with clients.

We want to become your advisor for life on all things housing-related. We love staying in touch with our clients in this way. Here are some other ways we add value for years after you buy or sell a house.

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  1. Advice on renovations: On the one hand, you should renovate your house to suit your needs. However, we also consult with our clients about which kinds of renovations will make your home more valuable for resale if and when you decide you’d like to sell.

  2. Real estate market trends: This is a biggie now because the market is all over the place. When the market is good, we rarely get questions about the market from our clients. But when the market turns, we hear from many anxious clients. Part of our job is to help you assess what the market trends mean for you specifically.

  3. Opinions of value: Many clients like to have updated home valuations every few years. This helps them decide whether they want to stay in place or move. We’re always happy to be involved at this stage to help guide your planning for the future.

  4. Investment decisions: Once you’ve put enough equity into your primary residence, you may consider buying an investment property. Buying investments is different from buying your home. We’ll advise you on all things investment-related, such as taxes, property type, tenant rights and all the ways it can go right or wrong.

  5. Friendship! We love making friends with our clients. There’s nothing better than getting baby pictures, renovation pictures and life updates.

Now that you know what we value most in our client-agent relationships, check out these blog posts to discover more about what it’s like to work with us!

We consider ourselves your life partners in real estate, whether you buy one house or ten. This is what lasting relationships mean to us. It means that you can rely on us for life.

Robyn VanderVennen
The Kim Kehoe Team