On most weeknights and weekends you’ll find Robyn in her car driving to or from a showing with clients. Sometimes her clients are with her in the car, other times they’re convoying behind her on their way to the next showing. She often jokes that she knows this city better than a taxi driver. But it’s not just this city that she knows well. Robyn knows a lot about houses too. She can smell out mold in the basement, she can immediately identify the difference between hardwood and laminate, she knows the difference between a really good staging job and a house with good bones. While her clients are pointing out all the things that they like about the house, Robyn often plays devil’s advocate and identifies potential problems. She believes that people make good decisions when they are not under pressure, and she therefore tries to make the buying experience as pleasant and pressure-free as possible. Robyn is a buyer specialist with the Kim Kehoe team. We’ll let her introduce herself further:

Client testimonial:

“THANK YOU so much for everything you have done for us, especially yesterday. We couldn’t be happier and so much of that is thanks to you! We are officially home owners!! : )
All your hard work with organizing everything for us and being so thorough and efficient to get that offer in by 6pm! We wouldn’t have got the place if it wasn’t for you getting a lawyer for us and going over that status certificate to ensure our offer did not have any conditions. You were also the one who suggested we go see this listing in the first place!! We cannot thank you enough : ) It was truly so great having you help us with this- you were such a pleasure to work with and we both said you were so professional and we completely trusted you! I don’t know if all people are so lucky. “
-Erin and Matt

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