We’ve all been getting emails from SO MANY businesses about their Covid-19 strategy. This is obviously a good thing but I wondered when I got an email from my digital signature service (docusign) if it was necessary to hear from absolutely everyone. With that said, we are mostly a face-to-face business and real estate agents are notoriously extroverted so we wanted to join in and let you know how we have changed our business practices to help flatten the curve.

We no longer do in-person showings unless we have extensively vetted the buyer and already know them, Virtual showings are recommended.

No open houses

We are only allowing 30 minute showings with no double bookings to limit the number of people in our listings at a time.

We are only working from from home and all our meetings are on zoom

We are advising clients that unless they absolutely need to list their properties, it is better to hold off until the public health risk is reduced.

We are all only ever wearing sweatpants to work from now on. This is less of a Covid strategy… Just a statement of fact.

Follow us on social media where we are postings lots of stuff about how we are making the most of our family time. We are deeply grateful for our health and wish health and safety to everyone out there, especially the tireless and heroic healthcare workers. We will continue to do our part, from the couch and in our sweats, until it is safe to resume normal duties.

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