There’s no such thing as a perfect house. In the first year of moving into your new house, it is likely that something will go wrong. That’s just part of the joy/burden equation of owning a home. With that said, not all problems are created equally. In our experience, there are some serious red flags that you should be able to identify before buying a home. These are the issues that will not only cost a lot of money, but will also be difficult to fix:

1. Knob and tube wiring:

A house full of knob and tube wiring is an issue for insurance companies. Not only does replacing a whole house worth of knob and tube costs the tens of thousands of dollars and you usually are required to do this within sixty days of possession by your insurance company.

2. Termite damage:

A house with extensive termite damage and an active termite problem is going to need a lot of work and money. Unless you are already planning on gutting the house and replacing all the studs and joists, best to stay away.

3. Tree roots in drains:

If trees are too close to the house sometimes their roots can get into the old clay drains and pipes. Sometimes this can cause one of those pipes burst or to back resulting in sewage in your basement or front lawn. If there is a tree close to the property of your new home, plan to have the pipes inspected. If they are clay, replace them before you have to get the hazmat suit on.

4. Evidence of persistent water penetration in basement.

This is a tricky one. All basements will leak in the right conditions. However, you want to avoid rotting wood (chance of structural damage. Also chance of termite infestation). You also want to avoid growing noxious mold in your basement.

The best policy is to always have a home inspection completed by someone that you trust prior to purchasing your home. Get in touch if you have questions.

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