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Support Local Toronto Businesses

Small businesses and restaurants are the heart and soul of communities and they have taken a huge beating this year. Toronto is a beautiful city full of small neighbourhoods. Torontonians are fiercely loyal to their favourite community and there are some light-hearted rivalries within the city about which area is the best. Many of Toronto’s communities are extremely walkable and buyers make house purchasing decisions based on proximity to the closest “main street”. Part of what makes our neighbourhoods so special is a plethora of locally owned stores, restaurants, and salons in almost all communities in and surrounding the downtown core. But, these businesses have taken a huge hit during COVID and it’s only going to get worse this winter. We need to take care of our local businesses during this time. If we don’t, there won’t be anyone left to serve us food, cut our hair, or sell us unique items when we are finally able to venture outside again.

Here are five ways we can all support locally owned businesses

  1. Order takeout from small restaurants by phoning them directly rather than through a delivery service app.

  2. Order Christmas gifts from your favourite small shops and arrange for curb side pickup

  3. Purchase gift cards to service-based shops like salons to use at a later date

  4. After you have done business with a store, leave them a google review! These reviews go so far to small businesses.
    (Feel free to leave our team a review on our Google Business Profile Page)

  5. Tag and Share on your social platforms. Most people discover a new store via social media such as Instagram and Facebook. If you have a lot of followers, tag your favourite stores and restaurants in your posts to help them get better (and free) publicity.

As always, stay safe and stay healthy.

Robyn VanderVennen
The Kim Kehoe Team

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