It’s always a pleasure to work with people that are buying a home in Toronto that have been through the process before, but for me it can be just as much of a learning process as with first time buyers. Because I’m involved in the market every day, I know what’s new, and what’s as it’s always been, in terms of the standards and techniques that will find you the right property.

For instance, if the last time you were buying a home was 20 years ago, I’ll be able to show you a whole range of tools that simply weren’t around back then. Even if you’ve worked with me before (and I’ve had that happen more than once) you’ll notice that aspects of my approach have changed.

I also expect that your nervousness levels will be lower, and that your confidence factor will be up. That doesn’t just come from buying a home before; it comes from living in a house that you own and from knowing what you like, and what you don’t. You may be so tired enough of doing the laundry in the basement, for example, that a second floor laundry room is now a deal-breaker. You may have realized that, as handy as you know you are, you actually never used the sun room that sold you on the last house.

Another frequent factor for people buying a home for the second or third time is changes in life circumstances. I see a lot of new couples who are selling two homes to create a new one together. I see families who are growing, or have grown out of their current space; some of them are having babies, others are seeing their young ones turning into teenagers.

For me, knowing the amenities in a neighbourhood can be as important as the details of the house itself. Like knowing the reputation of the schools and if they have an active and engaged parent council. Or that there’s a community park with a great dog-walking community: it all comes down to knowing you, understanding you, and working to meet your needs.

Understanding these details is my job. While they don’t typically come up in an interview, you can count on me to pick up on the subtleties of what you’re really looking for, and to understand the difference that the details will make. What you may want to know about me, and you’re sure to notice if we work together, is how much I enjoy it, and when you’re buying a home, that should make a difference to you.


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