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Why the Kehoe Team Loves Parkdale

Parkdale in Toronto West inspires a lot of strong opinions. People who aren’t from there often don’t get the appeal and see it instead as a neighbourhood to pass through when going from Roncesvalles to Queen West. We love it. Kim has been working in Parkdale for over twenty-five years, I (Robyn) lived there for around ten years and Sam lived adjacent to Parkdale for many years as well. For all three of us, it remains our favourite Toronto neighbourhood. Parkdale packs a huge population into a small amount of space and is one of the most diverse neighbourhoods we know of.

Parkdale Neighbourhood Overview:


If you love old Victorian homes, Parkdale is your place. Parkdale has stunning examples of Victorian architecture and a lot of old mansions. Plenty of these homes have been converted into rental units over time and even as some of them are showing some wear and tear, you can still see some amazing architectural details by taking a quick stroll. Many of these homes have also been restored into their original beauty.

Bars and Restaurants

Ok, this doesn’t do us any good right now but pre-COVID Parkdale hosted a lot of very innovative restaurants. Commercial rent is cheaper on the stretches of King and Queen streets between Dufferin and Roncesvalles and that fostered a lot of innovation and small kitchens. Our favourites are Tibet Kitchen, Grand electric, Gianna’s Patties and Pie, The Original’s Dining Lounge, and, last but not least, for the absolute best and most authentic diner experience, head over to Skyline restaurant


Parkdale is home to a very diverse population, both in terms of ethnic background and socioeconomic status. It is one of the few neighbourhoods that we know of in Toronto, where, for the most part, those different communities are not at odds with each other. Although there is a growing concern that gentrification will drive out low-income housing, there is also a significant amount of community activism to keep Parkdale diverse. Case in point, the Parkdale Food Bank was completely out of food a few weeks ago. They posted this on Instagram and immediately the community rallied to make sure it was filled quickly.

  1. Proximity to the Lake: The waterfront trail is an easy fifteen-minute walk from most parts of Parkdale, so although there is not much space in Parkdale and people can sometimes feel crowded, you are so close to beautiful nature.

  2. Housing prices: It is a stretch to call anything in Toronto “affordable”, but, relative to other neighbourhoods in the downtown, housing prices in Parkdale are still more attainable.

Parkdale is a magical neighbourhood and if you’ve been lucky enough to live there, you know what we mean. A lot of work is being put into keeping the community authentic, even as development proposals are going up for new condos. Let us know if you have any questions about this great place.

Robyn VanderVennen
The Kim Kehoe Team

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