A Love Letter to Ruby

Kim has lost three dogs in the past seven months, which is too many. All three had very healthy and full lives and died of natural causes. Even in the heartbreak, we contemplate the joy our furry friends can bring us, especially in these uncertain times. Every one of us on this team has pets that we adore. Many of our clients (you!) also speak of your pets as members of your families. We have helped many people move houses to accommodate their pet’s lifestyle. So, in honour of Ruby, here is a list of ways to make your home pet-friendly.

  1. Fenced in back yard space: Dogs love to be able to hang out in the back yard, chasing squirrels and doing their business. And you get to watch them from your window while you sip your coffee in your jammies. If you have small dogs, just watch for Coyotes, which are quite present in Toronto.

  2. Windows with deep sills: This one is for our cat friends. Cats will hang out in front of a window all day if there is enough space. Bonus if the window sill has a fleece blanket on it.

  3. Cozy corners: Cats and dogs both feel the most secure when they can curl up in a corner and watch the world go on around them. Put a big bed in the corner (especially if that corner is near a heating vent) and let them be king of their domain.

  4. Separate spaces: Dogs and cats can sometimes get overwhelmed when new people enter their home. They would prefer to be in a different area, where they can still watch what is happening but don’t need to worry that the new person will try to touch them right away.

  5. Set Routine: Like children, dogs and cats prefer for the day to unfold in a very orderly manner. Anything out of the blue can be overstimulating. Give your pets a dedicated space that is their safe spot, full of toys and relaxing blankets.

With all our love, Ruby, rest in peace.

Robyn VanverVennen
The Kim Kehoe Team

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