I like working with people who have never bought a home before. For them, the processes can be somewhere between totally exciting and completely terrifying, or both at the same time. And that makes sense to me of course. With the level of investment that buying your first home represents, there’s more on the line than most have ever dealt with before.

The investment is large, it’s personal, and it’s long-term.

So what makes me particularly enjoy working with them? Because doing my job right means I am upping the enjoyment factor and reducing the stress. By knowing what I’m doing, and by passing on the benefit of my experience, my first-time buyers can relax and enjoy the ride.

For them, it’s a matter of choices and decisions. I take away the fear factor. I give good, practical advice. And I am diligent about minding the details that make such a difference in this business.

Buying your first home means you may not always have the same budget at your disposal as people with established holdings, but I’ve found that the market will almost always have something that’s a good fit. I enjoy finding and presenting those opportunities. I always tell them not to worry; we’re just going out to look at a house. If it’s right for you, we’ll get started buying your first home. If it’s not, we’ll just keep looking until we find the house that is.


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